About us

Our family and "friends" business, founded 6 years ago in 2016, was started with the aim of developing unique hot chocolate recipes primarily for cafes and restaurants. Chocolate - in addition to being high-quality and delicious - should contain less sugar and "artificial" ingredients. During the development of our recipes and packaging, the high quality of the ingredients, the packaging/portion that can be used effectively in hospitality, and of course the most important thing was the taste, smell, texture and appearance of the finished hot chocolate.
From the first minute, we pay special attention to high quality, high cocoa content, and creamy texture. What makes it premium? First of all, all our products are GMO and gluten free! The chocolates are made and packed in Italy , which is always a guarantee of quality. One of the many indicators of outstanding quality is the high cocoa content and the fact that we used natural Stevia to sweeten all hot chocolates. In this way, it was possible to reduce by roughly 25-30% the sugar and energy content, but with careful attention to keep the real silky and thick Italian hot chocolate taste and experience . In addition to our products, additional and marketing materials are also available, which make our offer even more unique.

We are here for the hot chocolate, but you can also order many related products, which have also been a great success over the years! These include milkshakes , fiber teas , chai , coffee capsules , etc.

The most important aspect for us is the satisfaction of our customers and partners - we try to meet all kinds of requests and expectations, so we even develop unique products for our partners!

Our team is already working on the next innovative experience! :-)