PALMA roasted coffee

Introducing our coffee beans created in collaboration with our Budapest artisan coffee roasting partner! To start with, we prepared several types of coffee, with which we try to appeal to all coffee lovers and consumers! Two types of packaging are available: 250g and 1000g. Our partner roasts twice a week, so we can provide fresh coffee every week!

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PALMA hot chocolates in catering☕



In 17 different flavors/versions, in sachets and kilo packages, with advertising materials and glasses/mugs!


For discounts and offers, please contact us directly by email or phone!



telephone: +36 70 425 1033



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PALMA loose teas 🍃🍵

Great expectations preceded the appearance of the teas, we wanted to satisfy premium tea consumers with some tea types, so teas that try to satisfy their needs were also included in the selection. The selection includes high-quality origin-selected varieties and mixed teas, trying to meet the diverse needs of different customers. According to our plans, the selection will change every season, so we are preparing new teas for spring! Our fruit teas - most of which are naturally flavored teas - are especially suitable for making iced tea, so we strongly recommend that you try them cold in the spring/summer season as well!

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PALMA milkshakes 🥤

Ice cold summer refreshment (or dessert?)

Available in 7 different flavors, you can make a thick & creamy milkshake that contains real (lyophilized) fruit. Like all our products, the milkshakes are also GMO- and gluten-free, and do not contain trans fats or palm oil.

The preparation of the drink is extremely simple, it is made with mixing and ice. In the spring-summer period, we have two types of machines available - for home or catering use!

Click HERE for milkshakes

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