PALMA milkshake


Ice-cold summer refreshment (or dessert?)

Available in 5 flavors, a thick & creamy milkshake with real (lyophilized) fruit. Like all our products, milkshakes are GMO- and gluten-free and do not contain trans fats or palm oil.

The drink is infinitely simple to make, with mixing and ice. There are two types of machines available - for home or catering use!

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PALMA Hot Chocolate ☕


15 different flavors / versions, sachets and bags, with promotional materials and glasses / mugs!

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phone: +36 70 260 6557

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<transcy>PALMA loose teas 🍃🍵</transcy>

High expectations preceded the introduction of teas, we wanted to satisfy needs of premium tea consumers as well. The selection includes high-quality origin-selected varieties as well as blended teas, trying to meet the diverse needs of different customers. According to our plans, the selection will change from season to season, so look out for new teas! Our fruit teas - many of which are organic teas - are especially suitable for making iced teas, we recommend you try them in the spring / summer as well!

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Get to know us!

Founded in 2016, our family and "friendly" business was launched with the goal of developing unique hot chocolate recipes primarily for cafes and caterers. In addition to being quality and delicious, chocolate contains less sugar and "artificial" ingredients. During the preparation of our recipes and packaging, the high quality of the ingredients, the packaging / serving that can be used effectively in hospitality and, of course, the taste, smell, texture and appearance of the finished hot chocolate were the most important.
From the first minute we pay special attention to high quality , for high cocoa content, creamy texture. What makes it premium? First of all, all our products are GMO and gluten free! The chocolates are made and packaged in Italy , which is always a guarantee of quality. One of the indicators of outstanding quality is the high cocoa content and the fact that we used natural Stevia to sweeten all the hot chocolate. This has reduced the sugar and energy content by roughly 25-30%, but with careful care to keep the true silky and dense Italian hot chocolate taste and experience. This is how the first milkshakes were born, in which we mix real (lyophilized) fruit and are also GMO-free, gluten-free. > Our goal is to offer almost all-inclusive alternatives to cafes and caterers, with a wide range of products and a wide range of products, with which their guests can be pampered day by day.

Our team is already working for the next innovative experience! :-)

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