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229Ft / adagtól


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PALMA Hot chocolate ingredient in marzipan flavor

Contents of the box: 10/20 pcs x 25g bag

Ingredients : sugar, low-fat cocoa powder, corn starch, marzipan aroma, salt, vanillin, sweetener: E960 (Stevia).

Allergenic ingredient(s): The product may contain soy/soy-based ingredients.

Average nutritional value in 100g / 25g (1 portion)
Energy 342 kCal, 1436 kJ / 85.5 kCal, 359 kJ
Fat 2.3g / 0.575g
- of which saturated fatty acids are 1.4g / 0.35g
Carbohydrates 77.4g / 19.35g
- of which sugars 55g / 13.75g
Fiber 5.9g / 1.475g
Protein 5.05g / 1.262g
Salt 0.9g / 0.025g

Place of origin: Italy